Out of love for… life, nature, family, health, the olive grooves, olive oil, and above all, out of love for Styliana!

Delicious, natural olive oil belongs to Greece, like the mountains and the sea, the warm glow of the sun, and the deep blue sky, the scent of oregano, and the joy of life.

In most Greek families, the cultivation and production of olive oil for their own needs, has been a long tradition.The love for agriculture and refined high-quality products, is passed on from one generation to the next, providing only the best for the family.

This is exactly the same desire with the Kiosse – Martinaki family, Georgios, Maria and their daughter Styliana.

Georgio’s father, Styliana’s grandfather, was a farmer all his life, and had the dream of producing the best olive oil.

For many years father and son had different views, but when Georgios met Maria in 2000, the relationship with the family changed positively.

Maria inspired Georgios, he is forever grateful to have won her over in his life, for the strength she gave their family, and the love and dedication she has returned.

Maria grew up in Lügde, Westphalia, Germany, a traditional small German town. At the age of 15 she returned to Greece with her grandparents, but her heart still beats with reminiscence, and a longing for Germany.

In January 2009, Styliana, their daughter, and love of their lives, was welcomed into the world. Maria and Georgios’s only daughter, became his whole life.

Styliana’s grandfather bequeathed Georgios the 90 hectares of land and 200 olive trees in Nea Potidea, a narrow strip of land in Halkidiki surrounded by the sea, and perfect climatic conditions.

Olive cultivation has a very special significance for Georgios, his father never finished, or witnessed in his lifetime, the realization, and life long dream of producing the finest olive oil. Father and son sadly lost the opportunity to build the dream together.

Here, a life without your own olive trees, and your own olive oil is almost unthinkable.

We move to the future!

With a lot of heart, soul, blood, and sweat, or let’s call it tears of work, the family has dedicated itself to the care and cultivation of their own olive grove.


Georgios has planted 7000 olive trees over many years. Every single tree is carefully and devotedly cared for.

Only the watering is taken care of by modern technology. All the olive trees are individually irrigated according to their needs.

Every year in autumn, the olives are carefully handpicked in the traditional way and cold-pressed immediately after harvest.

In a purely traditional process, the fruit juice is gently extracted from the olives.
The olive oil obtained in this way was initially only intended for the needs of the family.

In Germany, too, the relatives have a successful restaurant in the spa town of Bad Iburg, which is supplied with its own products. Word quickly got around that an olive oil, of a very special quality, and with an exceptionally fruity taste offered from Greece, so the first beginnings soon became.

According to the motto: Taste it!

Out of dedication to nature.

Above all, with passion, enthusiasm for the pure, and the unadulterated perfected taste, that moved us to offer olive oil for sale.