Health Claim

According to the European Regulation 432/2012 (L 136 / 25.5.2012 p. 26), the Health Claim can be brought only by the olive oil that contains at least 250mg of polyphenols per 1 Kg of olive oil.

Our products far exceed this limit (see certificate), and is certified by the Health Claim.

Olive oil polyphenols help protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. Based on the certification of the concentration of polyphenols in our olive oil, the beneficial results are ensured with the recommended daily intake of 20g of olive oil.

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Olympia awards silver_2021-2022

The complex of olive oil, oleasin and derivatives contained in olive oil in the above concentration, has protective properties for our health and has a positive effect on the prevention of heart attacks and the treatment of inflammation.

Yearly Analysis by certified laboratories

Styliana is analyzed annually by certified laboratories and is certified to contain an extremely high biophenol content according to the official COI/ T.20/Doc. No 29. – HPLC method, recognized by the International Olive Council.